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My first run in the e-tron

So I had my first testdrive with the e-tron last week and after spending about three hrs in the car I must say I really loved it!  Since range is still a big issue on electric cars I wanted to share some information regarding the e-tron’s consumption.

On the highway I was cruising at around 130kph. In D-mode the consumption was around 27kW/100km and in S it went up to around 29kW/100km. For each test I reset the meter so that it only took the 130kph drive in account.

The car was fitted with 20″ wheels, the temperature was 1.5°C and the roads were flat and dry. One important detail: the D-test was done in the opposite direction of the S-test. So wind may have been a small factor (it wasn’t windy at all).

IMHO the D-mode is too sluggish. My car will run in S-mode 90% of the time. Only when range is really an issue I will put it in D.

The videos only contain footage of the virtual cockpit and was recorded with a handheld smartphone. So my apologies for the shakiness 🙂

Here is the test in D-mode:

And here is the test in S-mode:

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