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e-tron highway consumption

Here is some information regarding my 2nd testdrive. This car was fitted with quite a lot of goodies like virtual cockpit plus, tour pack, design selection, technology pack, etc. BUT it was also fitted with the standard (IMHO ugly) 19″ rims. Temperature was around 3°C (on the first picture it will show 8° but that’s because it was parked in a garage before I picked it up).

The drive was 122km and consisted of a healthy mix of highways and secundary roads. Range at start was 317km and dropped to 179km at arrival (picture 2). So the 122km drive resulted in 138km drain from the battery (SoC went from +/- 100% to +/- 65%).

AC was on at 21.5°C and heated seating was set on level 1. When I was heading back on the highway there was a serious wind increase which resulted in 6kWh/100km extra consumption! If I would have driven the car in these circumstances to 0% SoC the range would have been around 280km. Keep in mind the car was fitted with 19″ wheels though!

On the 3rd picture you can see some stats of a 50km drive (highway and secundary road mix) with a consumption of 27kWh/100km. To me that is the number you need to take into consideration when buying this car.

On some configurators (depending which country you’re from) it states that WLTP range will drop from 407km to 368km if you opt for the 21″ wheels in stead of the original 19″. So, if calculated correctly, the range in these winter conditions would drop from 280km to 253km if your car is fitted with the 21″ wheels (or 264km with 20″ wheels). So I think it’s fairly important to buy a seperate set of wintertires/rims (albeit 19 or 20″).

On a last note, keep in mind that this was just a 122km test and during this drive I did between 5 to 8 WOT launches (not real powerlaunches and only to 90kph though). I also once accelerated from 120kph to 172kph but slowed down to 130kph again immediately. 😁

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