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e-tron consumption test on 21″ wheels

Today I tested a Mythos Black e-tron 55 quattro on 21″ wheels. I started with 305km range (SoC around 90%) and after doing a 173km drive in auto mode I ended up with 82km range left. Most of the trip was done on highways with the ACC set to 135kph (total average speed was 100kph).

The total average consumption was 30kWh/100km. Outside temperature was around 11°C. The car was fitted with normal mirrors, AC was set to 21°C and the heated seats were set to level 1.

If I would have driven the car from 100 to 0% (which is unrealistic IRL) the total range would have been around 260km. This is exactly what is stated on the Audi range calculator under these conditions: RANGE CALCULATOR

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