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Audi e-tron S in camouflage

Audi is working on at least 2 different versions of the e-tron quattro. One is to be the upcoming e-tron S with 3 instead of 2 electric motors delivering power somewhere between 500 and 550HP. The other one is a bit unclear at this point, some sources speak about a less powerful version while others refer to a more off-road capable e-tron (Allroad type).

The one you see in the pictures here might be the e-tron S. Although I expected the front (and sills) to be more aggressive the rear clearly shows a more outspoken diffuser. But then again it could also be some sort of Allroad variant of the e-tron quattro.
I honestly don’t know what to think about this, the front and the sills tell me it’s the e-tron Allroad but the rear (diffuser) tells me it’s the most powerful version to date. Or could it be a normal e-tron 55 quattro but with an S-Line pack?
Time will tell…

This Audi e-tron prototype was photographed during cold weather testing in Scandinavia:

Photo credits: CarPix for Carscoops

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