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Delay in e-tron production

The Belgian Audi factory in Brussels can only produce half of its planned target due to a shortage of batteries. This was reported by a regional German channel Bayerischer Rundfunk and was based on sources within the factory itself and its suppliers.

The factory should be able to produce around 300 e-trons daily by now but they only manage to produce around 150. According to their sources, the reason for this delay is to be found with LG Chem. This factory isn’t capable of delivering all the necessary batteries from the Polish factory.
This is already the second time Audi is in conflict with LG Chem. As a result of the first quarrel the South-Korean battery factory raised its prices with 10%.

Audi doesn’t give any comments on this matter. A representative of the factory did mention that with each new model that goes into production some challenges are to be expected. And should there be any issues, the development partners and suppliers will come to a solution whatsoever.

The Belgian newspaper De Tijd reports that the supply of batteries is indeed fluctuating and things aren’t running as smooth as they should. The delays from the Polish factory owned by LG Chem are supposedly related to the fact that the production of the cells has recently been moved from South-Korea to Poland, and therefore the cells had to be re-tested and approved all over again.

Presumably, around 20.000 reservations are placed for the completely new and fully electric Audi SUV. Delivery time is now around 5 months. The very first production e-tron was completed in September last year and the first cars are now finding their way to their lucky owners.

This article first appeared on AD.

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