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Audi e-tron alerts 01


According to Audi’s Mediacenter, the e-tron was delivered to its first European customers in March. Most went to Germany (490) and Norway (621). The Scandinavian country is the electric mobility trailblazer in Europe, with electric vehicles set to account for almost 50 percent of the overall Norwegian market in 2019. The demand for the Audi e-tron is correspondingly high: Around a third of the more than 20,000 advance reservations worldwide come from Norway. Deliveries in the United States will begin in May. The model will be available in dealerships in China in the second half of the year.


The Audi e-tron enjoyed a comfortable victory in the “All‑Wheel Hybrids and Electric” category , beating 24 competitors with 8.65 percent of the readers’ votes.

The sporty full-size SUV is powered by an electric motor on each axle, providing the ideal power source for the high-precision, ultrafast electric all-wheel-drive system. This system ensures the continuous and fully variable regulation of the ideal distribution of drive torque between the two axles – within a fraction of a second.
In most driving situations, the Audi e-tron mainly uses its rear electric motor in order to achieve maximum efficiency. Where necessary, the electric quattro shifts torque to the front axle. The dynamic talents of the electric SUV are especially apparent at low coefficients of friction, such as on snow.

“AUTO BILD Allrad” is Europe’s bestselling all-wheel-drive magazine and has been running the competition since 2002. The awards were presented at the Axel Springer Haus in Berlin. Audi has continued its success by winning in four categories of the readers’ choice awards. In the past ten years alone, the brand’s models have graced the top step of the podium 17 times, including the A6 allroad quattro on three occasions. The Q5 won one award in 2017.





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