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New EU safety measures

The EU parliament has approved a new law regarding safety measures such as intelligent speed assistance and emergency-braking systems. These measures and about 30 others will need to be installed in all new vehicles as from May 2022 and in existing vehicles as from May 2024.


  • Intelligent speed assistance to make a driver aware when exceeding the speed limit
  • Driver drowsiness and attention warning
  • Advanced driver distraction warning to help keep attention on the traffic situation
  • Emergency stop signal in the form of a light, signaling road users behind the vehicle that the driver is braking suddenly
  • Reversing detection system to avoid collisions with people and objects behind the vehicle, with the help of a camera or a monitor
  • Tyre pressure monitoring system warning the driver when a loss of pressure occurs
  • Alcohol interlock installation facilitation allowing aftermarket alcohol interlock devices to be fitted
  • Event data recorder to register relevant data shortly before, during, and immediately after a road accident


First of all, it’s important to know it’s NOT a real speed limiter. When a speed sign has been detected and the driver wants to exceed the speed limit the throttle (or accelerator) will have some sort of haptic feedback alerting the driver he’s going too fast. Apart from getting some resistance in the throttle, you’ll also get a notification on the dashboard.

The regulation, approved by Parliament with 578 votes to 30, and 25 abstentions, will now be submitted for approval to the EU Council of Ministers.

In 2018, around 25 100 people died on EU roads and 135 000 were seriously injured, according to preliminary figures published by the Commission.

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